Rosacea is a chronic disorder that gives a bright red colour to the skin and occurs on the cheeks, nose, chin and the middle of the forehead. It is often accompanied by blood vessels, Diffuse Redness, small pimples, bumps and sensitive skin. The severity of the complaints varies from person to person, some people only suffer from vessels, while others have all the characteristics.


The cause of Rosacea is unknown. However, there are theories about possible causes. For example the Dermodex mite, which can cause inflammation of the skin in large numbers. External factors such as UV light, nutrition, alcohol, medicines, hormones, stress and temperature changes can provoke and aggravate Rosacea.


By removing and reducing the vessels and the redness in the skin, the complaints will diminish and inflammation will decrease. In addition, skin care products for using at home can also be recommended to soothe and repair the skin.

We treat the damaged vessels with light therapy (IPL). The light is converted into heat in the skin and heats the vascular wall, causing the vessels to clot and blood to flow through them. The surrounding tissue of the vessel is heated to a minimum, so the skin itself remains intact. Within 2 weeks after the treatment the vessels are broken down and dissolved by the body itself. More information about the treatment can be found on the heading Laser Therapy Redness.

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