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How laser hair removal works

Do you suffer from excessive, unwanted hair growth, for example on the chin, upper lip, legs, armpits, bikini line, back or chest? You can now have this removed permanently and practically painlessly with our advanced laser depilation method.

If you suffer from excessive hair growth, laser hair removal is a good solution for you. But how does laser hair removal actually work? We work with the LightSheer Diode laser, we use both the ET with small head and the latest innovative DUET laser with much larger head. The DUET reduces the required treatment time with 75% compared to other hair removal equipment. You will be treated with the latest and safest method for removing excess hair growth in a comfortable way. This is a cosmetic treatment that permanently removes the hair.

How does it work?

A hair grows in three stages of growth:

  1. Active growing phase (anagen phase): The hair root contains pigment or melanin.
  2. Transitioning phase (catagen phase): The hair stops growing and contains little pigment, duration about 2 weeks.
  3. Rest phase (telogen phase): After about 6 weeks, the hair falls out and a new growth process begins.

The laser beam uses the dark pigment (melanin) in your hair as a guide to penetrate the hair follicle from which the hair grows. Lasers can only reach hairs in the active growth phase because only these contain sufficient pigment. Every 6 weeks, a limited portion of the hair is in the active growth phase (around 15%). The hair follicle is then permanently destroyed by the laser beam. Those hairs can’t grow back. The other, inactive hairs have too little pigment and cannot be reached at that time. They remain intact. With each treatment, this process of selective destruction repeats itself, after which eventually the entire treated surface is de-haired. Because blonde, grey and ruddy hair sits without pigment, unfortunately these cannot be treated.

Waarom de LightSheer Duet en geen IPL flitslamp?

One of the frequently asked questions is why we choose the LightSheer Duet and not for the IPL flashing method. At Solution Clinic we only work with the highly effective LightSheer Duet and emphatically not with an IPL flash bulb.

The purchase of an IPL flash bulb is much cheaper, but a treatment with an IPL flash bulb does not give a permanent result. Treatment with IPL often seems more beneficial at first, but in practice many more treatments are needed than is usually indicated. More importantly, it does not offer a permanent solution to get rid of your unwanted hair growth forever.

De LightSheer Duet

  • Een permanente oplossing door vernietiging van het haarzakje en haarwortel.
  • Een gebundelde energiestraal die juist ook alle dieper gelegen haarwortels bereikt.
  • Op uw lichaamstype exact af te stellen golflengte, om gericht diep door te dringen.
  • Vernietigt het haarzakje waarna teruggroei definitief niet meer mogelijk is.
  • Ook geschikt voor getinte en negroïde huidtypes.

De IPL flitslamp

  • Een tijdelijke oplossing door verlamming van de haarwortel.
  • Een flitslicht systeem waarbij het licht verspreid, net als bij een gewone lamp, diverse richtingen uitgaat.
  • Het flitslicht is niet synchroon, dus niet gebundeld met precisie.
  • Verlamt tijdelijk de haarwortel die na verloop van enige maanden vaak weer kracht krijgt.
  • Dringt niet door tot de dieper gelegen haarwortels, waardoor plaatselijk later verschillende haren teruggroeien.
  • Met meer benodigde behandelingen (vaak het dubbele) een tijdelijk resultaat.

  • Safe & effective
  • Experienced skin therapists
  • High-quality lasers
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Always the same practitioner