Acne is a condition in which the sebaceous glands in the skin ignite. This causes pimples and painful swellings in the skin around the sebaceous glands. The skin condition often begins at a young age, but can continue until old age. This disfiguring condition occurs mainly in the face, chest, back and shoulders. In these areas, anatomically the largest number of sebaceous follicles is present.

At Solution Clinic, we use IPL to treat acne. If necessary, this can be combined with a peeling. The pathway is aimed at controlling the acne or to repair the damage to the skin caused by acne as much as possible. The choice of which treatment or combinations of treatments will be applied depends in part on the gradation of the acne and the request for help. In joint consultation between the skin therapist and the client, a treatment plan is drawn up.

Expected result

Depending on the gradation and form of the acne it is important to get acne under control first. We do this by tackling the bacteria with IPL. After that, the treatment can be focused on addressing the scars.

Number of treatments required

On average, 5 treatments are needed with an interval of 1 to 2 weeks. After that, a maintenance process will take place (if necessary) to keep the acne under control.


Treatment of acne in the face is in most cases fully or partially reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. For more information, please visit your health insurer’s website. In many cases, you can view your policy online, which states what fees you are entitled to with your current policy. All our skin therapists are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists and are registered in the Quality Register Paramedics.


If necessary, a peeling is first applied as a pre-treatment on the laser therapy. This will be discussed with the skin therapist and determined during the intake interview. The skin is briefly cleaned and gel is applied to the skin.  

During treatment

On the treatment area, the pulses destroy the acne bacteria. You will feel small pinpricks during the treatment, these will disappear immediately after the pulse.


After the treatment a slight swelling can occur and the skin can be red and sensitive. This will disappear after a few hours to a day. Make sure you treat the skin carefully in the first days after the treatment, never scratch the crusts.

Free intake interview

In a no-obligation intake interview in our clinic, you will receive all information and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will then give you an exact quote as well as an estimate of the number of treatments required. This is free of charge and discreet. You can always make an appointment with one of our skin specialists at a time that suits you, also in the evening, on Saturday and / or Sunday.

Free intake interview

Acne is a condition in which the sebaceous glands ignite causing pimples. We treat acne through laser therapy, acne therapy and/or a chemical peel. A combination of these treatments can also effectively address this problem. Read more

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