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Laser equipment

At Solution Clinic we work with lumenis’ high-quality laser equipment. On this page you will find an overview of the different lasers and explain which laser is used for which treatment.

Lighsheer Diode laser for final hair removal

Solution-Clinic-LightSheer-Duet-Laser HairThe Lumenis LighSheer for permanent hair removal offers you fast and effective treatments with optimal comfort for the client. The LighSheer HS (High Speet) is more than 75 faster than an average hair removal session and with the unique HIT and ChillTip technology provides a virtually painless treatment. The LightSheer is a smart and economical choice: you save time and money.


Lumenis M22 modular system

The Lumenis M22 is a modular system consisting of three different components consisting of an IPL module, Multi Spot Nd:YAG, the Q-switched Nd:YAG and a fractional Erbium:Glass module, the ResurFX.

Solution-Clinic-M22 Skin ImprovementIPL module:

ResurFX: The ResurFX is a non-ablative fractional laser. Due to its advanced scanner and contact cooling, it is possible to shoot very high energy in the form of micropulses into the skin. The cooling ensures that the treatment remains pleasant. Through the scanner you can give each micropuls its full energy, unlike the previous systems that work with holes or gauze. Scars and stretch marks can be treated, but also for skin tightening this laser is very suitable.

Multispot Nd:YAG: The Multispot Nd:YAG treats lesions, leg vessels and wine stains. The handpiece is continuously cooled, making the treatment comfortable.

Q-switched Nd:YAG: The Q-switched Nd:YAG is suitable for removing tattoos. It has been found that more and more people regret their tattoo over time. This laser ensures that tattoos and other skin discolorations can be easily and safely removed. The first treatments are often performed with the Q-switched laser and the latest treatments with the PiQo4 laser.

PiCo4 laser

Solution-Clinic-PiCo4-tattoo-removalThe PiQO4 is the world’s fastest and most affordable solution for removing all color tattoos. The combined Pico/Nano laser ensures a quick removal of the tattoos, regardless of the color in which it is put. The Nano pulses reduce the large ink particles and the Pico pulses cause the pulverization of the smaller particles. This combination achieves the best result with as few treatments as possible.

This innovative treatment uses photoacoustic technology. Apart from the removal of tattoos, the PiQO4 can also be used perfectly when removing pigment caused by sun damage.