At Solution Clinic, we have extensive experience in laser hair removal for transgender individuals. We place great importance on ensuring that every customer feels comfortable with us, and we frequently receive positive feedback from our clients about this. As a transgender individual, you may experience a change in your hair pattern. If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair growth for a smooth skin, laser hair removal is the solution for you. It is also often necessary in preparation for the sex change operation. Permanent hair removal is the only effective and permanent way to get rid of your unwanted hair growth.

Safety and effectiveness is our focus, which means that all treatments are performed by our qualified skin therapists with the currently most advanced and medical FDA approved Light Sheer DUET Diode laser system. In addition, we are a recognized and registered partner of the VU medical center in Amsterdam and our method of working fits perfectly with the medical treatments.

The treatment is virtually painless and very effective: hair follicles and therefore the hairs are permanently removed and stay away.

Depilation of transgender women

In a transgender woman, hormonal treatment is often insufficient to reduce facial hair growth. That is why laser treatments are often necessary. Other bothersome body hair can also be removed. Some popular areas for hair removal in transgender women include the face, arms, legs, and abdomen area. All body areas with excessive hair can be treated with laser. During a free and non-binding intake, one of our skin therapists will be happy to discuss your needs and provide appropriate advice.

For the sex-changing operation from man to woman it is necessary that a part of the pubic area is depilated by laser therapy. In vaginaplasty, the plastic surgeon turns existing skin into a female genital area. To prevent hairs from growing on the inside of the newly formed vagina, the hairs in certain parts of the genital area must be removed. This is no longer possible once the skin is inside.

Depilation of transgender men

For the sex-changing operation from woman to man, the phalloplasty, it is necessary that a piece of skin of the forearm or thigh is permanently depilated. From this piece of skin the penis is made.

What result can be expected?

On average 8 treatments are needed to achieve a good result. The results of the different sessions of hair removal laser therapy can vary greatly from person to person. The number of sessions needed and the result depends on the color of the hair, the growth cycle of the hair, the density of the hair, and the location of the hair growth.


We work on referral from the gender team of the VUmc. With this medical centre we have a contract concerning the compensation for the depilation of the genital area.
The compensation for the depilation of the face goes through the health insurance. This compensation must be requested in advance.

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