Fat freezing or cryolipolysis has become increasingly used in the past years and is a technique in which local fat is removed by freezing it. It is a surgery-free alternative for liposuction with the aim of improving the contours of the body. Favorite areas that are often treated are love handles, the lower abdomen, thighs, back upper arms and double chin. After the treatment, you can simply continue your daily work.

It has been scientifically proven that freezing is a safe and effective way to reduce fat. In order to initiate this process, the fat cells must reach a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius. This will result in breakdown of fat cells and visible reduction of fat deposits. It is an extremely suitable treatment for people with stubborn fat that will not leave with sports or diets.

Expected result

The cryolipolysis treatment is not a solution for severe obesity or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition and sufficient exercise can actually strengthen the result. After 4 weeks, the first contour improvement is visible. The full effect of the treatment is seen after 90 days.

Number of treatments required

The number of treatments required depends on the thickness of the fat. The treatment can be repeated on the same area at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. The average cryolipolysis treatment takes 40 to 60 minutes depending on the area you want to get treated. On average, 1 to 3 treatments are needed per zone to achieve the optimal result. During the treatment you can relax, sleep, read or listen to music. The skin therapist will ensure that you lie in a comfortable position and heated chair during the treatment.


1 zone                                                 €250,-  (actie! Nu tijdelijk €175,-)

2 zones                                             €350,-  (actie! Nu tijdelijk €250,-)



During a free intake interview the skin therapist will discuss with you your wishes and expectations. You will also receive more information about the treatment, the costs and the before and after care.

During treatment

Before the start of treatment, the skin therapist will take a number of photos to map out the area to be treated. Then the treatment area is marked, a gel pad is applied to the skin and the treatment head (s) is connected to the skin. During the beginning of the treatment you may experience tingling, an uncomfortable feeling and coldness. This feeling disappears as the tissue is intensely cooled. To ensure that there is no movement, cushions can be used to support the treatment heads.


After removing the treatment head(s), the treated area is massaged to stimulate blood flow. Afterwards, the treated area can feel a little bruised and numb. This feeling may persist for around 1-2 weeks and diminishes day by day.

Free intake interview

In a no-obligation intake interview in our clinic, you will receive all information and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will then give you an exact quote as well as an estimate of the number of treatments required. This is free of charge and discreet. You can always make an appointment with one of our skin specialists at a time that suits you, also in the evening, on Saturday and / or Sunday.

Free intake interview

Veelgestelde vragen

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing is a non-invasive treatment technique for localized reduction of fat cells through cooling. The goal is to improve contours of the entire body and address the last problem areas from the outside, which will not go away with exercise and a healthy diet.

What does fat freezing cost?

The total costs depend on which area you would like to address, what the ultimate goal is and the number of treatments required to do so. Together with the skin therapist, a customized treatment plan is created that is tailored exactly to your body.

Is fat freezing permanent?

Yes, The fat cells become crystallized by freezing, die and are then drained by the body and do not return. This ensures that the result is permanent.

What precautions should I take before cryolipolysis treatment?

In some cases we cannot treat you, for example in cases of pregnancy or extreme sensitivity to cold or an autoimmune disease. Special guidelines are used for certain conditions, we recommend discussing this with your doctor and our skin therapist first.

Is cryolipolysis/ fat freezing safe?

The U.S. Food and Drugs (FDA) has stated that cryolipolysis is safe for the removal of localized fat. More than six million treatments have now been performed worldwide and it is a proven safe and effective method of fat removal. This applies to all parts of the body.

Is cryolipolysis/fat freezing painful?

When the treatment begins, you will feel the skin being pulled into the handpiece. During the first 5 to 10 minutes, when the cooling process takes effect, you will feel a cold sensation in the area. The treated area will feel numb for the rest of the treatment. For 10 minutes after the treatment, when the handpieces are removed, the area may feel somewhat sore. We have heated chairs so you will feel less cold during your treatment.

Does cryolipolysis/fat freezing result in side effects?

Because the head of the device sucks vacuum, you may feel like you are being pulled and squeezed during the treatment. This may involve experiencing a numb or unpleasant sensation. After treatment, you may experience temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising or irritation. This goes away within 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment and has no lasting effects.

Can I return to work immediately after a fat freezing treatment?

Yes this is possible. The cryolipolysis treatment is not a surgical procedure and therefore you do not need to recover from it. You can resume work or other activities after the treatment.

Wanneer zie ik resultaat na een cryolipolyse behandeling?

Contour improvement can be noticed from 4 weeks after the fat freezing treatment. The full effect is visible 90 days after the treatment. The body is busy draining dead fat cells after the treatment, during that time the result will only get better.

What happens if I regain weight after cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatment?

Gaining weight after cryolipolysis is no different than before. When you gain weight, the fat will spread throughout your body as it did before the treatment. Thus, no more fat than normal will end up in the treated areas.

Where is a cryolipolysis treatment possible?

This treatment is available at our location in Bussum (Eslaan 1).

Is fat freezing something for me?

The treatment is suitable for both men and women. The ideal candidate is someone in good physical condition but with localized fat deposits on areas such as chin, upper arms, abdomen, back, bra bulges, fat deposits in thighs and flanks and other isolated fat areas. Cryolipolysis is not a substitute for losing weight. It is a treatment to get rid of locally stubborn fat where diet or exercise does not work. The treatment is an alternative to liposuction and has the advantage that it is not surgery, so you don't need time to recover.

Do you suffer from excess body fat? Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, is the solution to get rid of unwanted fat cells in a simple and pain-free way. Read more

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