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LightSheer DUET

The LightSheer DUET is a revolutionary system that works quickly, safely and reliably in the removal of unwanted hair. The laser system developed in the USA is currently the most effective method that can be used for hair removal. The use of this laser reduces the treatment time with 75% compared to other hair removal equipment.

More reasons to use LightSheer Duet:

  • Specially developed for removing unwanted hair growth.
  • Approved by the U.S. FDA, the highest U.S. authority that tests medical equipment.
  • FDA has the strictest requirements before it can be put into service.
  • Suitable for most skin types, from light to dark
  • Virtually painless and comfortable

Safe and skin-friendly treatment method

This laser hair removal method is safe and can be used for most skin types (skin type I to skin type IV or V). The LightSheer DUET system generates a highly concentrated laser energy. This laser energy is passed on to the hair bag via a cooled handpiece that is placed on the skin. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair pocket, which is in the active phase. The energy is converted into heat, damaging many hair bags at the same time and new hair growth is no longer possible. This process is very safe and does not affect any surrounding tissues.

Quality system of the laser

The system is made up of a platform consisting of two hand pieces:

The ET hand piece is used for small surfaces such as face parts, toes or pubic area. This hand piece has a 9×9 mm spot size and a unique cooling system, the chilltip so called. It is integrated into the small head and provides continuous contact cooling with the treated area up to 4° Celsius. The heat released by the laser beam is directly counteracted by the cooling system that cools and protects the skin before, during and after each pulse. In this way, the treatment is skin-friendly, comfortable and effective even for the most sensitive skin.

The HS handpiece features vacuum assisted technology and is the largest spot of all diodes with a spot size of 22 x 35 mm. By creating a vacuum, the skin is sucked into the handpiece, bringing the hair follicles closer to the energy source and thus treating them more effectively. Due to the enlarged spot size, a treatment is much quicker compared to traditional equipment. Previously, a back hair removal treatment easily took nearly two hours. This has now been reduced to about 45 minutes, with the comfort also significantly improved.

Due to the pure wavelength of 800nm, no light is lost and the effectiveness is optimal. As a result, the use of this laser is often more economical and effective than other methods.