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Collaboration VUmc

Solution Clinic has a collaboration agreement with the VUmc for the permanent hair removal of transgender individuals.

The Knowledge and Care Centre for Gender Dysphoria of the VU Medical Centre treats patients with gender dysphoria (transgender individuals). Transgender individuals feel that their birth gender does not fit with the gender they experience and (want to) express. Before the operation for gender change can take place, the areas must be permanently de-haired. Through our years of experience with hair removal, we have a partnership with the vumc’s gender team for the removal of transgender individuals.

Male-to-woman transgender

When treating a male-to-female transgender, it is necessary that the hair of part of the genitals is permanently removed before the procedure. This is the part that is later used to create female genitalia. Hair that remains in the constructed vagina later gives a lot of discomfort. After surgery, however, the vagina is no longer accessible for laser or electrical epilation. Therefore, the hair removal is done before the operation.

Woman-to-man transgender

In the treatment of a female-to-male transgender, it is necessary to de-hair the donor place, which is used to create a penis and a urethra (urethra) before the procedure.

Click here for more information about laser hair removal for transgender people.

Reimbursement of costs

We work on reference from the gender team of the VUmc. With this medical center we have a contract regarding the reimbursement for the hair removal of the genital or donor area.

The compensation for hair removal of the face is done through health insurance. This fee must be requested in advance.

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Stephanie from Amsterdam

I had a great experience with Whitney. She took me through everything about my treatment in great detail and answered every one one of my questions. She was professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Highly recommend

David from Almere

Very happy with the results ,the best clinic I ve ever been in my life . Highly recommended.

Dyshanty from Amstelveen

I have been getting hair removal since the beginning of 2022 and would highly recommend Solution Clinic. They are all very proffesional and friendly! The place is also very clean. I have been getting my treatments done by ms. Whitney. Shoutout to her! She is the sweetest. She explains everything very well and always makes me feel comfortable. I would deffinitely like to try other treatments here in the future. I don’t have any reason to go anywhere else.
So check it out!

Maria from Amsterdam

I am doing a hair removal treatment. I’ve been looking for a while for the right clinic. I found Solution Clinic and I recommend 100%. I am very pleased with the treatment. Mr Anas is very professional, experienced and lovely person.

Chihiro from Amsterdam

I just finished my last laser hair removal and I’m really happy the result. Especially many thanks to lovely, friendly and professional Esmee!!!!
Her treatment was SUPER!! 🙂

Maria from Bussum

Professional and attentive specialists are working in this clinic, especially Esmee. Even though some procedures are not the most pleasant, I always felt very comfortable and safe. And the results are there too!

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I am a regular here for laser depilation. Care & professionalism of clinic staff strikes me every time. Happy with the results 😉

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The staff is professional and friendly. I like the result, I will recommend the Solution Clinic to my friends.

Amin from Amsterdam

Best of the best! Really kind and helpful people :))))