Acne is a condition in which the sebaceous glands in the skin inflame. This causes pimples and painful swelling in the skin around the sebaceous glands. The skin condition often starts at a young age but can continue into adulthood. This disfiguring condition occurs mainly in the face, on the chest, back and shoulders. The largest number of sebaceous follicles is anatomically present in these areas.


Acne is caused by excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous gland of the hair follicle. This excess causes the hair follicle to become clogged up and the bacteria, including Propionibacterium Acne (P. Acnes) which are naturally present in hair follicles, start to proliferate. This causes blackheads and pimples.


The skin therapist can treat acne skin in different ways, with the aim of controlling the acne or repairing the damage to the skin caused by acne as much as possible. The choice of treatment depends on the degree of acne and the patient’s need for help.

During the intake interview this will be determined and based on the information a personal treatment plan will be determined. Go to Acne Therapy for more information about the treatment for acne therapy. You can find more information about the reimbursement of acne therapy by the health care insurer under the heading Reimbursement.

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