In a chemical peel, the top layer of the skin is softened using (fruit) acids. process triggers accelerated cell division, leading to the shedding of old skin cells and the formation of a new skin layer A peel enhances the skin’s barrier function, evens out pigment cells, and stimulates elastin and collagen production. Frequently, a chemical peel is combined with laser therapy for optimal results. We work with various types of peels, distinguishing between superficial and deeper peels.

Peeling treatments are often recommended as a series of treatment to achieve the best result. We always start with a mild peel in combination with the use of homecare products, to ensure the skin is prepared for the peeling procedure. The treatment regimen can be continued with deeper peels or a laser treatment in order to work towards achieving the desired final result

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At Solution Clinic, we believe in using only the best for your skin. finest products for your skin. That’s why we place our trust in the power of high-quality peels from renowned brands Toskani and Lira. These well-established and reputable brands allow us to tailor your treatment to your distinct needs.

Which peel we use depends on the indication. This is discussed in advance during a free and non-binding intake interview.

When are chemical peelings suitable?

Chemical peels are versatile solutions for an array of skin issues. Do you suffer from acne and the resulting scars? Is your skin marked by pigmentation problems and age spots? Or do you just want that fresh, youthful appearance back? Our chemical peels can effectively address:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Pigmentation problems and age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Rosacea
  • Skin rejuvenation and texture improvement

Number of treatments required

Depending on the problem, a number of peels are required to achieve an optimal result. Because your skin will improve after each peel, it is entirely up to you when you are satisfied with the result. Of course we will advise you on this and we will draw up a tailor-made treatment plan together.

Our Prices

We believe that everyone deserves radiant skin. we have ensured our prices remain accessible:

Superficial peeling: €100

Medium-depth peeling (Jessner or TCA): €125

Let’s Get Started!

Schedule an intake appointment at Solution Clinic today and discover the transformative potential of our chemical peels. Our expert skin therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve skin that exudes confidence.


Prior to each treatment, you will receive a free, no-obligation intake consultation. consultation, the specific indication will be discussed, and if required, the practitioner will conduct a skin scan. Additionally, the skin therapist will also recommend a number of products available at the clinic to prepare your skin for the upcoming peel. It's crucial that your skin hasn't been exposed to the sun for a designated period of time before the peeling procedure. This duration can range from a few days to a few weeks. This depends on the depth of the peeling and will be discussed during the intake.

During treatment

The skin therapist will start with by cleansing and priming your skin for the peeling. Then the peeling solution will be applied to the skin. The duration the peeling solution remains on your skin varies based on your specific indication. During the peeling, depending on the level of peeling, you might experience a mild tingling sensation. It's also possible for the skin to exhibit slight redness and a temporary flare-up. After the peel, the skin will undergo a post-treatment to soothe and calm any potential irritation. Following the peel, the skin will receive a post-treatment comprising a nourishing cream and SPF to promote calming and soothing.


In the days following treatment your skin may start to peel. With mild peels, this is minimal, whereas with stronger peels, the peeling can be more pronounced. It is important to treat the skin gently and protect your skin with an SPF factor of 30/50 because the skin is vulnerable and sensitive to the sun. Depending on the depth of the peel, this can vary from a few days to a few weeks. During the intake conversation, the skin therapist will discuss this with you.

Free intake interview

In a no-obligation intake interview in our clinic, you will receive all information and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will then give you an exact quote as well as an estimate of the number of treatments required. This is free of charge and discreet. You can always make an appointment with one of our skin specialists at a time that suits you, also in the evening, on Saturday and / or Sunday.

Free intake interview

Veelgestelde vragen

Tips before and after a chemical peel

6 tips before and after a chemical peel:
- Do not apply any products or makeup to the face before the peel.
- Hydrate the skin after the peel with cold water.
- Avoid heat after the treatment.
- Stay away from the sun and tanning beds both before and after the treatment.
- Use daily sun protection with at least SPF30 before and after the peel.
- Drink an adequate amount of water before and after the peel for extra hydration.

What is a peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that involves the use of a product to achieve an exfoliating effect. It removes the top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in smooth and refreshed skin. It can be used to address issues such as scars, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, rosacea, sun damage, and large pores. We offer both superficial and deeper peels that can help with a wide range of skin problems. Peels are often recommended in a series of sessions to achieve the best results.

What does a peel do?

During a chemical peel, we treat your skin by softening and removing the top layer of skin using (fruit) acids. This stimulates cell division, leading to the regeneration of an entirely new layer of skin. This renewed layer forms as the older, aging skin cells are naturally shed. Our approach begins with a carefully structured series of treatments. We start with a mild peel to allow your skin to gradually acclimate to the treatment and achieve the optimal response. As the series progresses, we increase the intensity by transitioning to deeper peels or laser treatments, depending on your specific needs. This gradual process ensures that your skin adapts and achieves the best possible results.

What is my skin like after a peel?

After a peel, the skin can exhibit the following for 7 days:
- Appear red
- Itch
- Give a burning sensation
- Turn white (this is also known as frosting)
- Temporarily darken
- Peel
- Form crusts
- Feel dry
- Swell or irritate
- Give a tight, stretched feeling. This typically subsides within a week after the treatment.

Facial peel before and after

The difference in your skin before and after a peel is remarkable. Do you have uneven skin, scars, or discolorations? A series of peels can lead to significant improvements. In the aftermath of the treatment, there may be some side effects, such as temporary redness, possible darkening of pigmented spots, and light peeling of the skin. Rest assured, these are normal reactions that diminish after a few days. After a brief recovery period, you will begin to notice the results of the treatments. The skin will renew and rejuvenate, resulting in a brighter, more even complexion and reduced visibility of imperfections. Our peels are designed to work gradually, allowing your skin the time to recover and transform. The ultimate result will be visibly healthier and more radiant-looking skin, with fewer visible blemishes and improved texture.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that utilizes special acids, such as (fruit) acids (AHA's and BHA's), vitamins, and enzymes to gently remove the outermost layer of the skin. This stimulates the skin's cell turnover and encourages self-renewal. As a result, a fresher and more youthful-looking skin emerges.

Medical peel before and after

With a medical peel, you undergo a true transformation for your face. Before the medical peel, your face may appear red or be covered with pigmentation or scars. By undergoing a peel, these imperfections are addressed. After the peel treatment series, your facial skin generates new cells, significantly reducing impurities, color disparities, scars, fine lines, and even acne.

What is a TCA-peel?

A TCA peel is a type of chemical peel that utilizes acids like trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to exfoliate and renew the skin. Unlike fruit acid peels, TCA peels penetrate deeper into the skin and are often used to address skin issues such as deep wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation spots, and skin discolorations. TCA peels stimulate the production of new skin cells and collagen, resulting in a smoother and more even skin texture. Because TCA peels are more potent, it's important to have them performed by an experienced professional and follow the proper aftercare instructions. Our skin therapists are experienced in working with peels.

Is peeling good for the skin?

Peeling is actually beneficial for almost every skin type, and it's a good idea to consider it regularly. This helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. As you age, this renewal process slows down. By regularly opting for a peel, you give your skin the opportunity to stay healthy and fresh. It's important to discuss with an experienced skin therapist which type of peel is best suited for your unique skin condition and goals. This way, you can ensure that you derive the optimal benefits from this rejuvenating treatment.

What is an enzymatic peel?

An enzymatic peel is a mild and gentle facial treatment suitable for all skin types. In this peel, active enzymes are used to only soften dead skin cells. The key difference from acid-based treatments is that living tissue is never affected. The enzymes are typically derived from fruits such as pineapple, pumpkin, or papaya. This provides your skin with a rejuvenating boost without being aggressive towards your live skin tissue.

What does a fruit acid peel do?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) is the collective term for various fruit acids used for peeling. One of the possible fruit acids is glycolic acid, which stimulates the skin to produce new cells. This method is effective in treating acne, anti-aging, pigmentation spots, and improving the skin's moisture balance.

Chemical peels can be used for a wide range of skin problems. At Solution Clinic, we often do this treatment in combination with laser therapy to achieve optimal results. Our treatments are performed by experienced skin therapists. Read more

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