Leg vessels, also called varices, are visible and noticeable small but often large, blue and red veins that occur on the legs, especially with women. From a cosmetic point of view, they are often annoying, but they can also cause complaints such as restless legs, itching and tingling sensation.


Leg vessels are caused by the weakening of the vessel walls, vascular valves and the fact that they are further apart. This ensures that the blood is not pushed back up again but remains in the vessels. The vessels expand and this can lead to visible vessels. Weakening of the vessel walls can be caused by old age, poor health (smoking and obesity), a standing occupation, gender and pregnancy.


At Solution Clinic we treat with the Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser, possibly in combination with light therapy (IPL) jumps and superficial leg vessels of 0.1 to 4.0 mm diameter. We give pulses with the laser over the entire length of the blood vessel.

The light from the laser pulses is absorbed by the red/purple colour in the leg vessels, causing the walls of the vessels to heat up and break. The body then cleans these blood vessels by itself. Meanwhile, there is only minimal heating of the surrounding tissue, leaving the skin itself intact. For more information look under the heading Laser therapy leg vessels.

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Leg vessels