Diffuse redness is a uniformly distributed redness of the skin that often occurs on the cheeks and nose. The skin can become red, for example, by blushing, skin warming, fever or stress. This redness goes away by itself. However, if it is permanent redness, it can be experienced as cosmetically unattractive. Diffuse redness that is permanent can be part of Rosacea or Couperose, and often occurs in families.


Diffuse redness is often hereditary. It is more common in people with light and/or sensitive skin. It can also be part of Rosacea or Couperose. These are skin conditions that are associated with red vessels and/or inflammations in the face. Diffuse redness is caused by a network of fine vessels becoming visible by, for example, the loosening of the skin, but it can also be present without a clear cause.


At Solution Clinic Diffuse Redness is treated with the M22 laser. This unique laser is superior in treating vascular disorders compared to other laser equipment and delivers beautiful results.

The laser treatment focuses on the removal of capillaries and thus tackles vascular abnormalities. The laser uses a high energy laser beam, which only has an effect on the vessels to be treated and leaves the healthy skin intact. For more information about the treatment laser therapy take a look at Redness.


If you are interested, the skin therapists can advise you on using camouflage for Diffuse Redness. With make-up or camouflage you can make the skin less red if you choose not to undergo laser treatment. You can also camouflage the skin with these products before you start lasering or in between laser treatments.

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Diffuse redness