Cherry Warts (hemangiomas, senile angiomas) are little red bumps on the skin from 1 mm to 1 cm in diameter. They occur on the torso, face and neck and are considered benign skin tumours. Cherry Warts are completely benign and do not cause any complaints. However, they can be unattractive on the skin.
These spheres are caused by the small blood vessels multiplying at that spot and filling up with blood. Officially they are not warts, but a local multiplication of blood vessel tissue in the dermis.

As we grow older, the Cherry Warts can occur more often. They can appear as early as teens and almost everyone over the age of forty has one or more. They are equally common in men and women. However, some people have a strong tendency to develop Cherry Warts.
At Solution Clinic we treat Cherry Warts with the M22 laser. This unique laser is superior in treating vascular disorders compared to other laser equipment and delivers beautiful results.

The laser treatment focuses on the removal of capillaries and thus tackles vascular abnormalities. The laser uses a high energy laser beam, which only has an effect on the vessels to be treated and leaves the healthy skin intact. For more information about the treatment laser therapy take a look at Remove Redness.

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Cherry wrats