When acne is heavily inflamed it can leave unattractive scars after healing. Acne scars are often more severe when the acne was treated too late or not properly. Scars can occur in the face, on the back and on the chest.


When the acne is extinguished, a red or purple discoloration of the skin can still be seen on the spots of the former inflammations. This is not an active acne disorder but skin that is recovering.

Scars can occur in any stage of acne, but they are mainly seen in the severe forms. Scars are actually areas of connective tissue created by the body to repair damage to the skin. This connective tissue has a different structure than normal skin. This can be seen and felt. Scars can improve slightly over the years, but never disappear completely by themselves.

There are different types of acne scars that can occur:

  • Ice-pick scars are point-shaped and deep scars, they are the so-called dimples in the skin. These are often 1 to 2 mm deep.
  • Rolling scars are large sunken scars that are often wider than 4 to 5 mm, these are superficial to the skin.
  • Boxcar scars are round, oval and sunken scars with a sharp edge.


Fortunately, we at Solution Clinic, can treat these scars with our laser treatment. During a 1st free and no-obligation consultation, our specialist will tell you more about the treatment.

She will look at your specific situation and of course there is plenty of time to ask all your questions. You can find more information about the treatment in Scar Therapy. More information about the reimbursement of acne scars by the health insurer can be found under the heading Reimbursement.

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Acne scars