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How can I prepare for the laser treatments?

Before we start the first treatment, you always get an intake call. During this intake interview we will inform you well about the treatment, what you can expect and you have the space to ask questions about the treatment. In addition, we always do some test pulses. This means we’re going to treat a small piece of the area. In this way you can experience what it is like to be treated and we can see which setting of the laser is most effective to start the treatment. Then we make an appointment for the first treatment.

Treatment advice

Of course, we will also give you a number of advices in preparation. For example, how far before the treatment waxing and epilating of the area to be treated is no longer desirable and what else you can do to make the treatment as effective and pleasant as possible.

Do not use the tanning bed until 6 weeks before treatment

We also advise you not to expose the area to be treated to excessive sunlight or go under the sunbed 6 weeks before treatment. We also do not recommend the use of self-tanning creams. The lighter your skin is, the more contrast with your hairs. This makes the hairs absorb more energy and make the treatments more effective. This does not mean that you are not allowed to be in the sun with the treated area at all. This just means you can not spend hours in direct sunlight with the area you want to get treated.

Shave the hairs for treatment

On the evening before the treatment we ask you to shave the area to be treated as smoothly as possible. As a result, the heat from the laser goes directly to the hair roots which makes the treatment more effective and less painful. The heat feels best on the skin surface and by shaving the heat pulls deeper into the skin.

Make sure you are relaxed

You will feel fewer pain stimuli during treatment if you enter the treatment rested and relaxed. Of course, we will do everything we can to relax by putting you at ease before and during the treatment.

Feel free to contact us for more tips or make an appointment immediately.

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Dara from Amsterdam

I started my treatment for hair removal last summer, and it has been a very good experience. Since the beginning Kim has answered all my questions and tried to explain the procedures in detail, always worried that I feel comfortable. So far almost all my hair has fallen and stopped growing.

Lorena from Bussum

I have had 2 Laser hair Removal treatments With great results from Esmee at the location Bussum. I am very satisfied with the friendly service, professionalism and hygiene, i would definitely recommend Solution Clinic.

Gui from Amsterdam

The clinic is easy to find and offers a variety of laser treatments. Kudos to Anas for also helping me find the right treatment for scars, while being informative, quick and always checking for pain response. Recommend.

Andrej from Amsterdam

My experience is very positive. Results are very good. All recommendations for the practitioner Anas! Professional, kind and attentive.

Alessandro from Amsterdam

I have now done 4 laser sessions, and I can already see big changes. Anas is truly a great professional, very informed, passionate and very caring about my feedback. Every sitting has been executed with attention to the smallest details and also un chat and interactions. Recommended!

Dominik from Amsterdam

Excellent service and felt in really good hands with my therapist Anas. Would recommend him anytime!

Jacques from Amsterdam

Been coming here for a few months for laser hair removal. It has been great so far and the results are really showing. I was initially scared to start due to the pain, but it has been handled amazingly, and I’m glad I pushed through

Matuesz from Amsterdam

I have a very good experience in this clinic. Anas informed me well and honestly about the process of removing my scar. He is really reassuring and explains clearly how he will treat and what he is doing. He gives good advice and really focuses on a good result. After several sessions I am satisfied with the result. I can definitely recommend this place!

Vandana from Amstelveen

I have been getting laser treatment from Esmee for more than a year now and I am extremely pleased with her services as well as the professional treatment from Solution Clinic. A lovely atmosphere and great staff. Esmee has been exceptionally professional, very thorough and I totally love her honesty while telling me about the treatments. It made me trust the clinic even more. I would love to recommend her and Solution clinic to my friends! Cheers!