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We are experts in removing excessive hair growth safely and comfortably. We use the ultramodern LightSheer DUET diode laser system, which was developed in the USA. It offers a cooled tip and variable pulse times. This equipement is the most effective method available today for removing unwanted hair.


You have decided to be treated for unwanted hair. The first time you visit us, we will discuss the areas from which you want your hair to be removed. We will carefully analyze your skin and the type of hair. We will advise you how many treatments we think you will require and what the costs will be. You will know exactly what is involved. Often our customers begin with hair removal on upper lip and chin, for example, and during the treatment process they decide to have hair removed from other areas as well. In such cases, we offer attractive package deals. Solution Clinic guarantees perfect results. You will be 100% satisfied.

Free consultation

You will most likely have familiarized yourself with laser hair removal on our website. However, it is likely you still have questions. You are taking an important decision and you want to be well-informed. You are therefore invited to our Solution Clinic for a non-committal consultation in which your privacy is guaranteed. We will answer all of your questions and give you a clear idea of what the treatment consists of. If you are concerned about discomfort during the treatment, we can discuss that as well. You will be surprised how painless our technique is. We take in account your working hours, therefore you can also make an appointment during the evenings or weekends. The advice you receive from our skin specialist is of course free of charge.

In preparation

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Treatments take place every six to eight weeks, depending on the skin area being treated. In preparation for the treatments, we will set a date on which you need to stop waxing or plucking. Otherwise, you can continue to shave or snip unwanted hair.

Please note that six to eight weeks after a treatment, you should not expose your skin to strong sunlight or a tanning machine. Self tanning creams are also not recommended.

If you have planned a vacation, we have a practical solution: you can continue treatment around your holiday. In consultation with you, we plan a treatment precisely six to eight weeks before your departure. Then you can safely go on holiday. After your return, we continue the treatment as planned.

It is advisable to use a sunblock which has recently been developed for this purpose by the Amsterdam Medical Center. This is available at Solution Clinic.


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Directly after your treatment, it is possible that your skin can be slightly irritated. For this reason, we cool the treated surface area with a Coolpack. Then we apply a wonderful cooling gel to your skin. After you have rested briefly, you can change clothes and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Final results

When you reach the point that your unwanted hair is no longer a problem, you can stop the treatment. In the following years, a few of the downy hairs on the body can turn into thicker hairs. You can subsequently have these removed by laser as well.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions about laser hair removal before, during, or after your treatment, feel free to ask. We will provide you with all the answers you need.