Wrinkles are folds that occur in the skin due to a deficiency of collagen, elastin and moisture in the skin.


As we get older, the skin starts to sag. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this. But wrinkles can be caused by several other factors in addition to natural aging:

  • Sun: Exposure to UV light breaks down collagen and elastin, but DNA is also damaged. This accelerates the ageing process and wrinkles will appear earlier and deeper.
  • Smoking: in addition to affecting the tissue of the skin, smoking also extracts oxygen from the skin, thus reducing blood flow, wrinkles develop faster. Often the wrinkles of someone who has smoked for years are also much deeper.


Wrinkles can be treated in different ways.

  • Product use: If you suffer from mild wrinkles, this can be tackled with skin improvement products.
  • Laser treatment: with the ResurFX laser, collagen and elastin are stimulated which will refine the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Peeling: Image’s peelings can be used with skin aging. A peeling can be a perfect pre-treatment for a laser treatment.

The above treatments can be combined to achieve and maintain the optimal result. Our specialists can give you more information about this in order to draw up a tailor-made treatment plan. For further information you can click on the heading Skin Improvement and/or Peeling.

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