A Spider Naevus, also called spider head, is a common, benign condition of dilated blood vessels in the skin. It is often seen in the face but can occur anywhere on the body.


The exact cause is unclear. Sometimes it occurs out of nowhere, but it can also be caused by sun damage or other forms of damage. It becomes visible because blood vessels dilate. Spider Naevus can be recognized by its red core with small vessels as offshoots.

The treatment

We treat the vessels and redness with light therapy (IPL). The light is converted into heat in the skin and this heats the vessel wall, causing the vessels to clot and blood can no longer flow through them.

The surrounding tissue of the vessel is minimally heated, so the skin itself remains intact. Within 2 weeks after the treatment the vessels are broken down and dissolved by the body itself. More information about the treatment can be found on the heading Laser Therapy Redness.

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Spider Naevus