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What is permanent hair removal?

At Solution Clinic, we can quickly and safely help you get rid of your unwanted hair in almost all areas of your body. We can talk about final hair removal, as the hairs in the treated area hardly return. Do you want to know which areas we depilate? Check out the overview of the treatments we offer for men and women.

How does permanent hair removal work?

Permanent hair removal is destroying the hair follicle by means of energy so that no hair can grow out of it. The laser device uses the pigment of the hair to penetrate a bundled energy beam deep into the hair follicle. During treatment, approximately 15% of the hair follicles in the area to be treated are active (anagenic phase). These will be destroyed. The rest remains intact because they have not yet entered the active phase and contain too little pigment to be destroyed with the laser. At the next treatment, another 15% is active enough to be destroyed. Therefore, you need several treatments for permanent hair removal.

LightSheer DUET

The laser we use is the LightSheer DUET Diode laser. This laser was developed in the United States and is currently the most advanced and most effective device for laser hair removal treatments. The laser has been approved by the U.S. FDA, an organization that tests medical equipment and sets high standards on the devices they are investigating.

Since the laser uses a wide head that shoots energy directly into the hair root, the LightSheer DUET laser reduces treatment time by 75 percent compared to other laser devices. More benefits of the LightSheer DUET laser can be read on our website.

Is definitive really definitive?

Yes, the hair follicles are destroyed by the energy that the LightSheer DUET. This means that no hair can grow out, so the hair reduction is about 80%. It is never realistic to expect a hair reduction of 100%, as under our skin there are always hair follicles that ‘sleep’. These hair follicles can become active due to, for example, a change in hormones, as is the case during pregnancy or menopauze. The small percentage of hair remaining will be much thinner and will grow slower. Therefore it will be barely noticable.

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