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Venushill hair removal: does lasering help against irritated skin?

Many women suffer from irritated skin, such as redness, itching and bumps, after the hair removal of the venus hill. This can be due to hair removal techniques such as shaving, epilating or resins. Tight-fitting underwear can exacerbate this irritation. This is very annoying, because it doesn’t feel comfortable and it doesn’t look pretty. Sometimes the irritation even results in permanent scarring.

Venus hill comfortably hair removal

We can de-hair your venus hill with the latest and most secure technique, in a comfortable way. We use the LightSheer DUET diode laser system for this. The hairs are removed because the hair root is destroyed by the laser light. This way you get soft and smooth skin and you don’t have to worry about a holiday or day to the beach. In addition, skin irritations due to shaving, epilating or resins are a past tense.

Save venus hill hair removal

The laser technique is suitable for most skin types. However, it is important that the hairs contain sufficient pigment because the laser light destroys the hair roots through the pigment. Blonde, grey and ruddy hair do not contain enough pigment so that they cannot be treated with the laser.

Removing hair on the venus hill is one of our specializations. All treatments at Solution Clinic are performed by skin therapists with a lot of experience. So you’re in good hands with us. For more information about the hair removal of your venus hill, please visit our page for hair removal of the bikini line or make an appointment for an intake.

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