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Pubic hair for women: how do I prepare?

Nowadays, the pubic area of hair removal is increasingly being done for practical, hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Hair removal techniques such as shaving or resins can cause irritations such as bumps or ingrown hairs. With the LightSheer DUET diode laser system we use, we can remove the hairs permanently and painlessly. The treatments are carried out exclusively by specialized skin therapists. Good preparation is important in this treatment method. So note the following points:

Preparation for laser treatment:

  • It is important to protect your skin from the sun 6 to 8 weeks before treatments, preferably with SPF 50, and no longer use the sunbed.
  • Epilate or resin your hair no longer up to 6 weeks before treatment. With epilation or resins, you remove the hair root and we will no longer be able to destroy it with the laser technique.
  • You can shave. Make sure that you shave the hairs on the area to be treated 1 day before treatment, so that stubble are visible.
    On the day of treatment:
  • Make sure your skin is clean and fat-free on the day of treatment. Do not apply any products.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Depending on the parts of the pubic area you want to hair, you may or may not keep your underwear on.


After treatment:

  • The first 24 hours after treatment it is important that the skin can calm down. Therefore, do not go swimming, in the sauna or in a hot bath or shower hot.
  • Even after treatment, it is important to protect your skin from the sun with a sunblock (SPF 50) to prevent any pigment discolorations.


For more information about your pubic de-hairing, please visit the bikini line hair removal page or make an appointment directly with one of our skin therapists.

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Dara from Amsterdam

I started my treatment for hair removal last summer, and it has been a very good experience. Since the beginning Kim has answered all my questions and tried to explain the procedures in detail, always worried that I feel comfortable. So far almost all my hair has fallen and stopped growing.

Lorena from Bussum

I have had 2 Laser hair Removal treatments With great results from Esmee at the location Bussum. I am very satisfied with the friendly service, professionalism and hygiene, i would definitely recommend Solution Clinic.

Gui from Amsterdam

The clinic is easy to find and offers a variety of laser treatments. Kudos to Anas for also helping me find the right treatment for scars, while being informative, quick and always checking for pain response. Recommend.

Andrej from Amsterdam

My experience is very positive. Results are very good. All recommendations for the practitioner Anas! Professional, kind and attentive.

Alessandro from Amsterdam

I have now done 4 laser sessions, and I can already see big changes. Anas is truly a great professional, very informed, passionate and very caring about my feedback. Every sitting has been executed with attention to the smallest details and also un chat and interactions. Recommended!

Dominik from Amsterdam

Excellent service and felt in really good hands with my therapist Anas. Would recommend him anytime!

Jacques from Amsterdam

Been coming here for a few months for laser hair removal. It has been great so far and the results are really showing. I was initially scared to start due to the pain, but it has been handled amazingly, and I’m glad I pushed through

Matuesz from Amsterdam

I have a very good experience in this clinic. Anas informed me well and honestly about the process of removing my scar. He is really reassuring and explains clearly how he will treat and what he is doing. He gives good advice and really focuses on a good result. After several sessions I am satisfied with the result. I can definitely recommend this place!

Vandana from Amstelveen

I have been getting laser treatment from Esmee for more than a year now and I am extremely pleased with her services as well as the professional treatment from Solution Clinic. A lovely atmosphere and great staff. Esmee has been exceptionally professional, very thorough and I totally love her honesty while telling me about the treatments. It made me trust the clinic even more. I would love to recommend her and Solution clinic to my friends! Cheers!