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Is laser hair removal painful?

This depends on the place to be treated and the pain limits of each person. The laser pulse can give a feeling similar to a very light prick or like a rubber band being shot against your skin. This feeling is very very short and disappears very quickly. The treatment is usually well tolerated and many of our clients experience no pain at all. Anaesthetic is therefore not necessary, but of course you may take a paracetamol before starting treatment if you wish.

“Sixth treatment two more to go. Hardly hair on the back anymore.
NEVER had pain and they always have a very customer friendly attitude. Great!”
By Chris from Amsterdam

Make an appointment and come and test

If you want to know exactly how laser hair removal feels to you, you can always make an appointment for an intake. This is free and non-committal and you get a few test pulses at the place you wish to treat. In this way, you can experience how the laser feels for you before starting with your sessions.

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