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Can I use a laser treatment to thin out the hair?

Not everyone likes to be completely de-haired, but too much hair is neither pleasant. In that case, thinning out the hair is a good compromise for both men and women. At Solution Clinic we use highly advanced laser devices so that thinning hair is also very possible.

How many treatments do I need?

To thin out the hair you need fewer treatments than if you want to have spots completely de-haired. Of course, after each treatment you can indicate when the hairs are no longer perceived as disturbing by you. If you want to know how many treatments are approximately needed for thinning your hair, it is best to make a non-committal appointment for an intake interview with one of our specialists in the clinic.

In which places can I thin out hair?

The thinning of hair is possible in the same places where laser treatment is possible. If you want to know where a laser treatment is not possible on the body, check out this page. We can also thin out hair in the face, think of a beard or mustache.

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