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Can I go in the sun after laser treatment?

This depends on the area you want to get treated. For 6 weeks before and after laser treatment it is wise to avoid the sun as much as possible with the area you want to get treated. The use of the tanning bed is also not allowed. This means it is permitted to go out in the sun as long as the treatment area is not exposed to it.

In case of unavoidable exposure to sun rays or tanning beds, we recommend using a sunscreen with protection factor 50 (sunblock). This precaution is necessary to reduce the risk of temporary pigment shifts. The place to be treated can also be completely covered with a towel or garment during sunbathing.

It is important to know that when you do go in the sun there is no treatment. This has to do with the pigment in the skin. If the skin is darker than you naturally are and the skin therapist does not know this, a burn may occur. This happens because the laser is set to your own natural skin tone that is not suntanned.

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