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Laser clinic Amsterdam

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Would you like to schedule a free intake interview at our laser clinic in Amsterdam? Or do you have a question or a treatment about our clinic? Fill in the form below with your details. We will contact you soon!

    Laser hair removal Amsterdam

    You can contact us for the most effective and safe laser hair removal treatments. We work with the LightSheer DUET diode laser system. This is a new and safe method for removing your excess hair in a pleasant way. This method also reduces the treatment time by up to 75% compared to other hair removal equipment.

    Plan a free intake interview with one of our skin therapists in Amsterdam using the form above. During that conversation we will tell you more about cosmetic permanent hair removal via laser therapy.

    Remove pigment spots Amsterdam

    Laser therapy is not only used for hair removal, but also for the removal of pigment. You can therefore also contact us for the removal of pigmentation spots. Our skin therapists use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to treat pigmentation spots. Per treatment you will see that your pigment decreases. The number of treatments you need depends on several factors, such as the color and depth of the pigment. In a first appointment, we will see together whether we can already estimate the number of treatments.

    Tattoo removal Amsterdam

    One in three people later regrets a tattoo. Do you also have a tattoo that you think no longer suits you? At our clinic in Amsterdam, we use effective techniques to get rid of your unwanted tattoo. Our clinic in Amsterdam has the latest PiQo4 laser for tattoo removal.

    The light from the PiQo4 laser is absorbed by the pigment of your tattoo. During this process, heat is released and the pigment breaks down. This is then simply removed by your body in a natural way. Several treatments are required to remove your tattoo. After each treatment, you will see your tattoo disappear little by little. During the intake interview, we will tell you more about the treatment and your personal treatment plan.

    Request a free intake interview using the form above.