How does laser hair removal work

haren uitdunnen

Are you bothered by excessive, unwanted hair growth, on for example your chin, upper lip, legs, bikini line, back or chest? Now you can have it permanently and nearly painlessly removed with laser hair removal.

Solution Clinic uses the LightSheer diode laser, the ET with a small spot size as well as the latest innovative DUET laser with a much larger spot size. The DUET reduces the required treatment times up to 75%  compared to other hair removal equipment. You will be treated with the latest and safest method for removing unwanted hair without discomfort. This is a cosmetic treatment, which permanently removes hair.

How it works

A hair grows in three phases:

  1.  Active growing phase (anagen phase)
    In which the hair contains pigment, also known as melanin.
  2. Transitional phase (catagen phase)
    In which the hair stops growing and contains little pigment; duration approximately two weeks.
  3. Resting phase (telogen phase)
    After six weeks the hair falls out spontaneously, and the growth process begins anew.

Our laser uses the dark pigment (melanin) in your hair as guide to penetrate into the hair follicle from which the hair grows. During the treatment only a limited amount of your hair (around 15%)  is active and contains enough pigment. The hair follicle is then permanently destroyed by the laser beam and cannot grow back.

The other non-active hairs, that have too little pigment, can not currently be reached. They remain intact. This process of selective hair follicle destruction happens within each treatment, until the entire surface remains hairless. Blond, grey and red hair have no pigment and therefore cannot be removed with laser. We do offer electrical hair removal for lighter hairtypes.

How the LightSheer DUET works

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Why LightSheer DUET and no IPL flash method?

One of the frequently asked questions is why we have chosen the LightSheer Duet and not the IPL flash method. The laser used by Solution Clinic is notably more effective than the commonly used flashers, which means fewer sessions may be needed.

The purchase of an IPL flashing light is much less expensive, but the use of it does not give permanent results. A treatment with IPL often seems to be more advantageous in the first instance, but in practice there are many more treatments needed than is usually indicated.

The LightSheer DUET

  • A permanent solution by the destruction of the hair follicle and hair root.
  • Laser generates an extremely compact beam of light with very high energy level, which reaches all deeper roots.
  • The energy level is adjustable to your skin type.
  • It destroys the hair follicle and the reappearance of the hair is not possible anymore.
  • Suitable for tinted and dark skin types.

IPL flashing light

  • A temporary solution by paralysis of the hair root.
  • A light system, in which the light is spreading in various directions, the same way like a regular light bulb.
  • The light is not synchronous, therefore not bundled with precision.
  • Temporarily paralyzes the hair root, which after a few months comes back.
  • It doesn’t reach all deeper roots causing hairs to grow back.
  • You get a temporary result with more required treatments (often twice).
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