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We often get questions if hair thinning is an option, as alternative to permanent hair removal. Our advanced lasers are also very suitable for hair thinning, which is a perfect solution for excessive hair growth. We are happy to give you all the needed information concerning thinning in an intake interview.

Thinning for men

Men usually find excessive hair growth on their arms, legs, belly and back very disturbing. That is why hair thinning in these areas, is a very attractive solution.

If you do not wish to remove all the hair permanently, for instance on your back, then a few treatments would be sufficient. You can decide when the remaining hairs doesn’t bother you anymore. We also receive clients in our clinic that have had beard thinning treatments.

Skin-friendly laser method

The advanced LightSheer diode lasers we use, are suitable for all skin types, from very light (skin type I) to very dark (skin type VI).

For smaller areas we use the small ET laser head and for bigger areas we use the big HS laser head.

The best treatment for the lowest price

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We are convinced that our prices are highly competitive. Should you encounter the same treatment with our type of LightSheer diode laser offered in writing for less, we will match that price. In this way, you are guaranteed the lowest price for your treatment.

Intake interview

In an informal interview in our clinic you will get all the information you need and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will make an appropriate treatment plan based on your skin type and hair concentration. This is for free and discreet.

We also let you see our comfortable treatment rooms. You can always make an appointment with our specialists for your treatments at the time that suits you.

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