Camouflage therapy

Camouflage therapy is not a method of removing blemishes in the face or on the body, but to make them less visible.

At Solution Clinic we use Lycogel for the camouflage of impure skin, dark circles under the eyes, pigment spots, redness, rosacea or acne. Lycogel stays much better than a foundation of the drugstore and lets the skin ‘breathe’ and in addition it soothes the skin and helps it extinguish inflammation. Lycogel also contains SPF 30, good protection for sunlight. This makes this camouflage ideal for application immediately after peeling, IPL or laser treatment or as a foundation.

You can find more information under the heading fee about the reimbursement of camouflage therapy by the health insurer.


The skin is first given a brief cleansing, this helps the camouflage to hold.

During treatment

The skin therapist chooses from a palette of colours a coloured cream that fits best with the skin colour. You will learn how to apply the camouflage products and learn useful techniques that you can apply at home.


If necessary, you can make an appointment during different seasons to re-tune the colour to your skin to have the right camouflage product all year long.

Free intake interview

In a no-obligation intake interview in our clinic, you will receive all information and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will then give you an exact quote as well as an estimate of the number of treatments required. This is free of charge and discreet. You can always make an appointment with one of our skin specialists at a time that suits you, also in the evening, on Saturday and / or Sunday.

Free intake interview

Camouflage therapy allows you to hide discolorations of the skin in areas such as pigment spots, scars and redness (kegs). You can also apply it after peeling, laser or IPL treatment or as a daily foundation. Read more

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