Leg laser hair removal

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Many women (and men) nowadays choose for leg hair removal. For hygienic and personal care, but also for the feeling of a lovely soft, smooth skin. Besides, it is also very fashionable nowadays.

You may be surprised to hear that practically the entire body is covered with hair. However, most hairs are very fine and have little color, so you hardly see them. On the legs, the hair is usually darker and thicker, what makes them more visible.

For many,  time-consuming shaving or waxing is the only solution and often a daily ritual. Do you also have enough of this, choose for the permanent and painless solution: laser hair removal of your legs at Solution Clinic.

  • Free consultation
  • Permanent solution for unwanted hair
  • In average only 6-8 treatments

Leg hair removal

It is also possible to choose only for the lower legs or for the upper legs first. Also you have the choice to the front, back or innerside of the upper legs.

Permanent leg hair removal

Solution Clinic works with the LightSheer DUET diode laser system. This is the latest and safest method for removing excess hair growth in a comfortable way. This is a cosmetic treatment that removes hair permanently.

The use of this laser for the treatment of larger areas, reduces the treatment time up to 75% compared to other hair removal equipment.

Skin-friendly laser method

The advanced LightSheer diode lasers we use are suitable for all skin types, from very light (skin type I) to very dark (skin type VI). The cooled laser head (Chilltip) is placed on the skin area to be treated. The powerful beam of light, which is turned on for only a fraction of a second, is converted into heat.

The energy of the laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair towards the hair follicle. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to selectively damage the follicle. The unique system, patented contact-cooling handpiece, the ChillTip™, helps protecting the skin by conductive cooling before, during and after each pulse. This makes our laser method nearly painless.

Blond, grey and red hair have no pigment and therefore cannot be removed with laser.

Costs laser hair removal

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We are convinced that our prices are highly competitive. Discover the prices per treatment in our pricelist. If you want to have multiple areas treated, please ask our skin therapists for our special package deals.

Intake interview

In an informal interview in our clinic you will get all the information you need and we will answer all your questions about the treatment. We will make an appropriate treatment plan based on your skin type and hair concentration. This is for free and discreet.

We also let you see our comfortable treatment rooms. You can always make an appointment with our specialists for your treatments at the time that suits you.

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