What is Botox?

Botox is also known as a temporary muscle relaxant. It temporarily blocks the stimulus transmission from nerves to muscles. The muscles are temporarily inactive or less active and any possible wrinkles will fade away. It is important to us that you retain the ability to express emotion. Our specialized doctors will work with you to see what is possible without losing your natural beauty.

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Expected results

With the injections of Botox to the face, wrinkles are blurred, subtly enhancing your appearance. With a Botox treatment mainly dynamic wrinkles are reduced, you can think of:

  • (Frown) lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines

The first results of the Botox treatment are visible within a week. The optimal result is visible after 5 to 6 weeks, this is when the treated muscle is optimally relaxed. The result has been shown to be effective after injection for up to 4 months. Our goal is to preserve your natural beauty.

Highly experienced doctors for Botox treatments

With the doctors at Solution Clinic, you are in good hands. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in injection techniques and train other doctors to become experts in injectables. In addition, we have long-standing collaborations with several hospitals, including the VU Medical Center Amsterdam.

The benefits of Botox for health problems

Botox is a widely used treatment for reducing wrinkles, but did you know that this injection method is also used for various health problems? You can think of migraines or excessive sweating. Curious what we can do for you? Our doctors are happy to tell you more during a free intake.


The price for a Botox treatment starts at €175,00.

Prices vary depending on your wishes, the area and the number of treatments needed.  This will all be discussed during the intake.


During the intake, you will discuss your wishes and expectations with the cosmetic doctor. After a few questions, the doctor will assess which area and exact treatment fits your needs. With the ultimate goal of providing you with a result that looks and feels natural.

During treatment

During the treatment, the doctor will ask you to make some facial expressions to understand your facial muscles. Then, your skin will be disinfected, and the injection areas will be marked. At these markings, the doctor injects botulinum toxin into the muscle, the muscles will immediately relax. A Botox treatment usually takes about 15 minutes.


The doctor may recommend avoiding some things after the treatment. Such as not massaging or rubbing the treated areas for 24 hours after treatment. Do not use makeup before, during or after the treatment. Try to bend as little as possible and avoid tiring physical activity on the day of treatment. In addition, we recommend gently cleansing the face in the evening, without rubbing.

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How long does Botox work?

The first results are visible within a week. The optimal result is visible after 5 to 6 weeks, this is when the treated muscle is then optimally relaxed. The result has been shown to be effective after injection for up to 4 months. Our goal is to preserve your natural beauty.

How long not to exercise after Botox?

We do not recommend exercising (intensively) in the first 24 hours after Botox treatment. For the first few days after treatment, avoid pressure on the treated area as much as possible.

Which is better Botox or fillers?

Botox and fillers are both examples of injectables. The main difference is that Botox relaxes muscles, where fillers actually fill in wrinkles and lines or add volume. Which injectable is best for you can be examined during an intake consultation with our doctor.

How fast does Botox work?

With a Botox treatment, the first results are visible within a week. After 5 to 6 weeks, optimal results are visible.

How often should I repeat Botox?

The result of the Botox injection is visible for up to 4 months. After about 4 months, it is best to schedule a new appointment.

What should not be done after Botox?

After treatment, we recommend not applying makeup to the treated area. In addition, it is best not to schedule a sauna visit or expose your face to sunlight or cold temperatures for an extended period of time.

What does Botox cost?

The cost of Botox depends on the area being treated. Prices range from €175 to €450. For more information, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our doctors.

What does Botox for the forehead cost?

Having the forehead treated with Botox costs €175,- and the treatment takes about 15 minutes.

What are the risks associated with Botox treatment?

There are generally no complications, disadvantages, or dangers with this treatment. In addition, allergic reactions are rare. Any questions can be discussed during a free intake interview.

Are there any complications with Botox treatment?

A Botox treatment involves an injection of botulinum toxin type A. This can cause side effects for some people. The side effects are usually temporary. Some examples are headache, numbness, drooping eyelid, nausea, swelling or bruising. For more questions, schedule a free intake consultation with our doctors.

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